We Offer Ed-Tech Solutions With
Advanced R&D And Software

What We Offer

Vidcentum R&D is committed to develop solutions with advanced R&D and software for the institutes. We offer a rage of services including the assessment of the IT and software infrastructure, commissioning virtual labs, data analysis and more.

Smart Campus Services

We help institutes go digital and sustain the transition.

  • Open Source
  • Strategic Technologies
  • Staff Training
  • Technical Support

Virtual Labs

Assessment, Commissioning and Managing Virtual Labs.

  • Open Source
  • Online and Offline
  • Arts, Science and Engineering
  • Staff Training

Data Labs

Manage academic data for quality and outcome based education.

  • Data Management
  • Digital impact analysis
  • Institute growth summary
  • Staff Training

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Instructors are welcome to join the Edu-Fi academy and learn about the use of the Edu-Fi platform, Ed-Tech trends, open source application and more.

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