Manage Classwork Digitally

Edu-Fi® is a simple and easy to use mobile app for conducting remote classwork and assignments for institutes, colleges, coaching centres, skill development centres and individual tuitions.

01. Edu-Fi benefits

Edu-Fi is simple because instructors and students use paper, pen (pencil), smartphone! It's easy because instructors and students simply scan the worksheets, classwork etc and save them on their smartphone. No hassles of upload and download of digital files. Edu-Fi platform takes care of the rest of the digital flows.

Organize your classwork
on your smartphone

Paper, pen and smartphone are key elements of the Edu-Fi app. Organize your classwork in your smartphone and share it with your instructor.

Single view of
your classwork

Students and instructors devices sync the classwork periodically thus maintaining the consistent versions of the files and directories.

All your work on our
cloud hosting

Regular backups (either full or incremental) of the data will be stored in the cloud storages such as Amazon AWS, Azure and on-prem servers.

Integration of Edu-Fi
is easy and simple

Edu-Fi can be used as out of the box with the exisitng LMS systems. You can use off-line mobile apps with Edu-Fi.

Customization of the
mobile apps

Institutes may opt for customization and branding of mobile apps to suite the reputation of the institute.

high level of protection of
your classwork data

Edu-FI App uses industry standard and security practices with end to end encryption with SSL/TLS.

02. How it works

Institutes and instructors should first create Edu-Fi account and cloud servers. Contact for further details.

  • 01. Edu-Fi Account

    It is needed to connect students, instructors and securing the data.

  • 02. Register Device

    It is needed to sync the student and instructor devices periodically.

  • 03. Classwork

    Share your classwork with your instructors securely.

03. Edu-Fi app installation

04. Ed-Tech innovation

Instructors and students use paper, pen (pencil), smartphone. Simply scan the worksheets, classwork etc., and save them on smartphone. No hassles of upload and downloads of files. Edu-Fi platform takes care of the rest of the digital flows.


It is very critical to manage the classroom digital transition. We firmly believe combining paper, pen and smarphone will bring a positive change.


Students and instructors need to simply save their work on their smartphones. Edu-Fi takes care of the digital flows - upload and download of files.

Managed Service

Edu-Fi is a fully managed digital service with open source and hosted on Amazon AWS. There is NO vendor lock-in! Institutes can extend the features.

Cost Effective

We firmly believe in digital freedom, open source are key elements to manage the overall cost of the app. Edu-Fi addresses these at its core.

Join Edu-Fi Academy

Instructors are welcome to join the Edu-Fi academy and learn about the use of the Edu-Fi platform, Ed-Tech trends, open source application and more.

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