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Events & Programs

Edu-Fi is a platform to manage a wide rage of programs from meetings to conferences to admissions.

Digital Marketing

Edu-Fi is a marketing platform for your institute delivering superior learning experience. Stay focused.

Virtual Labs

Edu-Fi provides state of the art technologies for Virtual Labs to meet the demand of the industry.


Institutes, Educators and Students control their data and access to it. Edu-Fi is secure, scalable and extendable.

Industry Connect

Edu-Fi is a platform connecting academia, industry and society for solving real world problems.


Managing digital assets is no trivial task. Edu-Fi offers managed smart campus. Get trained to manage digital assets.

Deliver Learning Experience

Use of technology is becoming a need rather than a choice. The challenge is choosing a suitable solution that is affordable, sustainable and extendable. Meeting the ever changing demands of new features is a challenging task. We belive that the technology should enable better learning experience. It implies that open, distributed technologies bring more value to the investment.

Edu-Fi is an evolutionary platform powerd by some of the best technologies to build a scalabe smart campus solutions.

Salient Features

Edu-Fi is a distributed and an evolutionary platform with most required functionalities for a smart campus with a focus on improving the learning experience.

Secure Accounts

Edu-Fi provides Identity and Access Management to students, teachers and staff. Register once for an Edu-Fi account and access services with single sign on. Accessing new services will be easy as well.

Document Library

Edu-Fi hosts a secure document system to keep all course material and documents.  Gives access to students, lectures, institutes securely. It has an integrated calendar and audio player.

Admissions and Events

Edu-Fi is a platform to manage course admissions and a wide rage of programs from meetings to conferences and room bookings as well.

Quizzes and Assessments

Edu-Fi hosts services to conduct online surveys and assessents for an outcome based education programs. It is integrated with surveys while conducting lectures, workshops and conferences.

Virtual Labs

Edu-Fi provides state of the art technologies for Virtual Labs to meet the demand of the industry. Students can download virtual lab bundles and run on their computers.

Campus Asset Dashboard

Campus assets are critical for providing better learning experience. Edu-Fi assembles several  technologies to monitor campus wide assets.

Edu-Fi Smart Campus Services

Edu-Fi is a system of flexible components for all needs of home run coaching / skill center to university campus. Take a look at some of the applications of smart campus.

Do you want to build your own Smart Campus?

Learning comes by doing. Experience comes by doing things rightly. If you want to build a full stack smart campus on your own, we will help you. We offer training on technologies to build smart campus. Test drive the smart campus before you decide.

Managed Operations

Hosting and managing digital assets is no trivial task. Strongly recommend to subscribe for managed Edu-Fi smart campus and get trained if you want to manage the digital assets on your own. Release schedule will be published on the website time to time.

Run Your Own Smart Campus

It is always exciting to learn software systems. Try running software on your own servers and cloud. We help in providing training and support.


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